This is a C++ library with C and Objective-C/Cocoa wrappers that will, in time, implement a full DAAP client and server. It is licensed under the GNU Lesser Public License, which allows developers to use the library even in non-free software as long as a few restrictions are followed.

At the moment only the C++ interface is available, and it only understands the basic format of the data. It does not yet perform any network operations and thus also doesn't have a higher level interface for listing music and playlists. It also can only act as a client for the moment.

Certainly at this early stage, the primary aim is to get a fully working client so that it gets adopted quickly. We will then look at writing the server interface so that music programs can share their libraries like iTunes does.


Very little documentation is available for the library at the moment, but hopefully this shall soon be remedied. Most of the documentation is to be found in the source code, and hopefully that is enough to get certain people going. We are hoping to post some proper documentation and sample code soon.


Contributions to the library are more than welcome. This library is essentially developed in the authors' free time, so does not get as much attention as it may need. Contributions can vary from writing code or documentation to promoting it (telling your favorite digital audio player's author about what they could do with this, for example).